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and welcome to theOnline Sunday School™ (OSS). 



Each week brings:

  • A new lesson based on the revised lectionary!
  • Different interactive lesson activities and games!
  • A fun interactive christian educational tool helping families further their Sunday school activities all week long!
  • Fun interactive quizzes every few weeks!

We have created or reviewed all material on our site.  We work to provide a kid-safe, Christian friendly area which is an extension of your Sunday school program.  There is no advertising on this site.  Whenever possible there are no links to other web sites within the school, however, once online it is always possible to move on to other sites beyond this site.  We recommend that a parent always be present when a child is online.

To enter the Online Sunday School™, click on the appropriate class or grade to the left.




Helping to connect the next generation with the Word!

This site is intended for those families and churches that have chosen to help support the Online Sunday School™.  Thank you for browsing. 
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